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Small cock cook looking for a huge bulll for girlfriend. Greg loaded the video of the Moscow Knot and we watched it and I admit it was truly erotic and fascinating. Fan Club Membership: This private home video is the proof cucklod her skills.


Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures Cuckold Blog.

We broke up about a year ago but I still try finding out little things about her just for fun. This story was sent by her to herself, I found it in her box.

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She never sent this story to me although I did know this happened. She told me pretty much the exact same story but missing a few key details which drove me wild even today: 1.

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She told me she squirted a little bit, not all over the place uncontrollably. I knew she could squirt but this sounds like she squirted even more with him than she did with The lady I ended up hiring after interviewing Other than being an expert cocksucker, she is suprisingly I was divorced after 18 years of marriage and two great kids and was just looking to have fun and regroup.

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I meet her on a personals site on the internet, this was around and I was just learning to venture out on the internet and believe it or not it was nothing like it is to day. Sending pictures or movies was slow and difficult to say the least, so writing and sending text was the quickest and easiest way to communicate.

I visited a personals site often for entertainment more than anything, it turns out Laura was the only person I ever met from an internet site.

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The were the typical crazy shit; I would wonder for hours what the fuck were these people thinking? They ranged from can I come over and trim your private hairs to how do you feel about My wife's sisters were there with their husbands and.

I don't know why - maybe because we are all so close in age, or sibling rivalries, they all flirt heavily with each other's spouses.

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Many times, right in front of their own spouses. We had all finished diner, the kids were in bed upstairs, my mother and father in law were off yelling at each other somewhere, and my sister in law Beth was downstairs doing laundry. Beth's husband Tom was in the tv room reading a book on the sofa, which is in the back of the room. My wife was doing dishes and I thought I would take advantage I've written about my wife before but not in such detail.

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I have some pics of her very wet pussy and a story about one of the worst nights of my life. My wife Beth and I live in a small city in south east Alabama. Of course on New Years there is not a whole lot to do in our small town so my wife and I planned on going out in Montgomery to celebrate. I told her of my plans for us to go out of town for the holiday and she was somewhat hesitant.

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I said I would give her money for a new outfit and we could drive home after. My name is Wife K and I live near Worcester. My husband and I love roleplay and we really love the cheating fantasy. We both cum VERY quickly when we talk about me having other guys! I've never been able to help myself when it comes to men, but then I finally met Steve and he has never minded my appetite for men.

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When we had only been going out for less than 6 months I had started seeing two other guys one of which used to come over to mine regularly I had been sleeping with them for weeks but little did I know at the time that Steve knew about them both and had watched me with them! One night we were having dinner and he told me he had seen me shagging in the front room while he watched I know our lifestyle isn't for everyone and not the standard story that I see on here, but I'm sure there are others out there like me. My last post covered how my wonderful wife cucked me as her totally unexpected Christmas gift and put me in my place, a place I never dreamed I would ever be!

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Well, long story short, she wasn't kidding, it was complete submersion while at home. She would fuck her bf several times a week, usually at our place where they would humiliate me and have me clean them and fluff him, etc. This was in addition to the house work and serving them drinks and foods.

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For the superbowl my loving wife purchased a cheerleading outfit that she gave me the morning of the game and told me I had to wear it and provide some cheers which I needed We were close friends in high school despite my best efforts to be morestarted dating in college even though we attended colleges halfway across the country from each otherand eventually married while I was in law school. For the most part, neither of us has led extraordinary sex lives.

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I've slept with a handful of other women, but none since we've been married, and I was Kim's first. Although she's good in bed, Kim is pretty conservative sexually, though on occasion she lets her hair down and does something unusual.

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This story is about the singularly most unusual aspect to our lovemaking, which is that since our junior year in college, Kim has submitted to torrid threesomes with myself and my best friend from college, about once a year. Because our colleges were so far apart, and because neither of us was particularly wealthy, we only managed to see each other a couple of times each semester. As a result, during our infrequent visits we spent a good deal of time in bed.

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Shortly after the beginning of our junior year Kim made it down On our 2nd day we were at the beach and wanted to check out a small island just off the shore. We were told there was a nudist beach there so after some persuasion I got my wife to go over there with me by pedalo - how romantic. We had been there about an hour and my wife was with some reluctance nude bathing when a motor-boat kept going past and eventually pulled in.

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There were two English guys in their mid 20's in it one of which I recognised as the guy that said it was a nudist beach. Trying to hide the hopeful erection in my trunks these guys moored the boat and came up to us. My wife half-awake tried to cover up but I persuaded

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