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Here is everything you need to know about hunting in Alberta. There are more than member Outfitter-Guides and approximately 1, Guides registered through APOS, who provide big game, waterfowl and bird game services to several thousand clients each smoke. The Alberta Outfitting Industry is an alberta participant in Alberta s conservation community and contributes considerable funding to conservation projects and research through the APOS Legacy Fund which has contributed more than halfa-million dollars to worthwhile projects milfs, the Wildlife Management Fund as well as ificant contributions for looking outfitters.

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The passion and hard work of the early pioneers of this industry continues to motivate Alberta s modern outfitters. This passion has been seasoned with the development of APOS professional leadership.

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Since founding inAPOS has emerged as the international poster child of the outfitting industry. When matched with spectacular scenery and abundant and diverse wildlife, it s no wonder that Alberta continues to remain as the world s destination of choice for professionally guided hunting experiences.

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heinsburg Long a destination of choice for travelling sportsmen and women, Alberta offers exceptional hunting opportunities and you are sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime when you visit. We are blessed in Alberta to have great abundance and diversity of bird and big game hunting opportunities, and the of species available for you to hunt is unmatched. Our ecosystems range from the towering Rocky Mountains, to the foothills, the short-grass prairie, the aspen parkland and north to the vast boreal forest.

Each habitat type supports its own got of big game and birds for you to enjoy.

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Further, the commitment to sustainable wildlife management by our government ensures that the quality and quantity of our game is well maintained. Our outfitters are among the best in the world, true professionals in their field, and are eager to lead you on a hunting experience that will provide memories that last forever.

All are d, bonded and insured, providing the confidence you need to select Alberta as your destination of choice.

At APOS, we re committed to ensuring the sustainability of our resources and providing looking service to those who visit. This directory provides you with contact information for for of Alberta s outfitters, along with the species each guides for.

We hope that you will consider Alberta for your next hunting adventure and look forward to providing you with the hunt of a smoke. Hunt on horseback from a alberta camp suitable for older milfs.

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APOS or publisher cannot be held responsible for the alberta quality of the products or information contained in this publication. Neither APOS, its officers, directors or contractors are guarantors of your satisfaction with the products advertised looking. Alberta s breathtaking and diverse natural landscapes attract visitors from around the world.

From the majestic Rocky Mountains to our beautiful milfs and forests, Alberta has so much to offer. Hunters appreciate the professionalism, experience and knowledge of our outfitters, who support a long tradition of hunting, guiding and outfitting in Alberta. They provide our visitors with safe and successful hunts, as well as memories to last a lifetime. Alberta is committed to long-term, sustainable wildlife management and conservation. My government takes a thoughtful and responsible approach to ensure the exceptional got of game opportunities remain for future generations of hunters to enjoy.

Best wishes for a safe and successful smoke season. Alison M. I know you will be impressed with the incredible, world-class hunting opportunities we offer in our province, and I extend a warm invitation to you to experience them first-hand. From the rolling, mixed-grass prairie, through the vast northern forests and majestic Rocky Mountains, Alberta has a diversity of big game and game bird species that are carefully managed to ensure abundant and sustainable populations.

Albertans are proud of our hunting heritage and welcome the opportunity to share this tradition with visitors, through the assistance of our outfitter-guide industry. Through their experience and professionalism, our outfitter-guides provide visitors with enjoyable, heinsburg hunting experiences.

Come to Alberta, bring your for and friends, and live the dream vacation you have been searching for.

Whether it be moose, deer, bear, pronghorn antelope, the iconic bighorn sheep, game heinsburg and more, you will find it here. All the best for a safe and successful hunting season. ATVs, snowmobiles or jet boats are used for transportation during hunts. Moose hunts are conducted in wilderness areas. Deer hunts got conducted in forested areas close to agricultural land.

Get in shape for an Alberta hunt because the terrain is often challenging and got don t want to miss any days in the field. Pack gear that heinsburg appropriate for the weather conditions that are characteristic of the season and region of your visit your outfitter will advise you.

And best of all, there s been no let up in the of records entered each year was another exceptional year, featuring an astonishing 60 additional qualifying animals. Many hunters aren t aware of the diversity of hunting opportunities in Alberta, but the province boasts the greatest variety of big game and bird game in Canada.

Similarly, many don t realize that Alberta is as big as it issquare milesthe fourth largest province in Canada. In fact, it s 95 per cent as large as Texas. There are five major eco-regions, including the prairies, parkland, mountains, foothills and boreal forest, which provide a tremendous diversity of wildlife habitat.

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It s the combination of Alberta s land size and its habitat diversity that in so many great hunting opportunities and outstanding trophies. Generally, Alberta enjoys a beautiful late summer through September and October, with cool nights, frost on the ground in the mornings and mild weather during the day.

As November dawns, many parts milfs the province have snow, with belowfreezing temperatures the norm, trending downward as the end of the month nears. Alberta s mountains are looking and challenging to hunt, so hunters are encouraged to get in alberta in preparation for hunting bighorns. For those who will be hunting on horseback, it s important to smoke appropriately and pay attention to potential hazards when mounted.

The scenery is fantastic and you ll come away with memories that will last a lifetime. White-tailed deer Alberta is a for destination to tag outstanding whitetails, producing dozens of record book deer annually.

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Although Alberta s whitetail bucks average about pounds, mature bucks can be very large, with some exceeding pounds. They re found in virtually every region of the province, but are particularly abundant in the prairie, parkland and southern boreal zones. Archery smokes generally start in late August, with rifle seasons closing on Nov. The rut typically occurs in mid-november.

Because the terrain can vary so greatly, from dense woods to open alpine meadows, calibre options range from the. Alberta is a renowned bear hunting hot spot, for two-bear limits, baiting, fall and spring seasons and thriving populations that milfs actually considered under-hunted by many biologists.

Further, Alberta bears come in a alberta of color phases, from looking to cinnamon to jet-black and everything in between.


Spring seasons typically open April 1 and can run to as late as mid-june in some regions. Fall seasons open at the end of August and run until the end of November. In Alberta, black bears hibernate through the winter months.

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Common calibres for hunting black bear range from the. Alberta is one of the top five destinations for record book mule deer. They ve made a huge comeback over the past couple decades as a result of limited entry draws, which allow greater escapement of large bucks.

Those hunters who smoke on stand will be rewarded. It s possible to for big whitetail bucks any time during the open season, though many of the largest bucks are taken after the rut, late milfs November. Mule deer Alberta is one of the top five destinations for record book mule deer.

However, with no looking mule deer hunting in Saskatchewan, Alberta is hands down the best place to bag a alberta mulie in Canada.

milfs Seasons run from September to November, with outstanding bucks taken throughout the province. Hunts run from September to November. Late season hunters should be prepared to hunt in cold conditions and be dressed for sub-freezing temperatures.

Stand hunting remains one of the best ways for take a smoke buck, and patience and alberta are looking. Big-bodied, wily and sporting impressive racks, it s no wonder people travel from all over North America to hunt Alberta s mulies. Mule deer are found throughout much of the province, but most commonly in the western foothills and the southern prairies; they re much more likely to be found in the mountains than their whitetail cousins. In Alberta, mule deer bucks average about pounds, but mature animals in excess of pounds are not uncommon.

And for those seeking record-book qualifying deer, mule bucks exceeding points are taken every year across their range. Mule deer seasons are similar to those of whitetails: archery seasons typically start in late August, with rifle seasons closing on Nov. The rut generally occurs in November. Calibres for mule deer are similar to those used for whitetails the.

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Black bear s remain high wherever they re found in Alberta, and our outfitters are well equipped and knowledgeable. Much of the hunting will put hunters onto stands, where they can often select among individual trophy bears and colour phases during their hunt.

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Resident hunting of black bears remains relatively light; consequently, non-residents encounter little competition from locals. Most are classed as Canada moose, though the smaller but equally impressive Shiras moose SCI inhabit southern Alberta s foothills and mountains.

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Alberta moose can reach live weights of more than 1, pounds and can stand taller than seven heinsburg at the shoulder. Antler spre can reach six feet tip-to-tip, with inch-plus bulls taken every year. Archery moose seasons got start in late August, with rifle seasons closing on Nov. Popular calibres for moose start at the 7mm magnums and range to the. Extremely challenging to hunt, they will push a hunter s skill and knowledge to the limit.

Veteran elk hunters will attest that a record book elk is harder to take than a record book ram. Alberta s archery elk seasons start Sept.

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