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Scabbard has wear. Bowie blade with Davie Crocket identification, large tang full guard, large brass pins.


There are few brands that are as legendary as Case Knives. One thing that makes them so desirable is their tang stamps. Sadly, a lot of people buy Case knives without knowing what these are.

Who buys case knife collections? we do.

All they see is a bunch of s and think that this is probably some manufacturing code. So… want to learn how to read these?

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Let me teach you. Contents. Case Knives are one of the most sought-after in the world. Its history stretches all the way back towhen the Case brothers sold handmade knives along a wagon trail in New York. But more than that, Case Knives became a household name. These high-quality knives have been passed on from generation to generation, from great grandfathers to their great grandchildren.

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Nowadays, Case still produces top-quality knives. Each knife is finished by hand, so no two knives are the same.

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They dating every-day carry knives, hunting knives, culinary knives, specialty knives, and more. You can get a Case knife for your every need. One thing all of these knives have is a tang stamp. What information you might ask? What is a Tang Stamp? Check the tang stamp! The tang stamp is an engraved case and set of s found on Case knife tangs. At first glance, you might think this is knive another logo and serial. Take the logo as an example.

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Now, take a Case knife made inand compare it with one made in That tiny difference is all you need to identify the knife. Instead, they tell you the material, of the knives, and pattern of use. With all of this information packed into the blade, all you need is one glance. One glance will tell you everything you need to know about the knife.

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So how do you read this information? How to Read Case Pattern Codes There are two cases to these case pattern codes: the logo and the s. The Logo SinceCase made a way for us to immediately identify the age of their knives. This was by dating a gimmicky logo on their tang. The Case XX logo looked very similar to their older versions. The only new thing was they added 10 dots. Every year, one dot would be removed.

Inthere were 9 knives.

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Inthere were 8 dots. And so on.

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This way, all you had to do was count the dots to know exactly when your knife was manufactured. But what happened when they finished all the dots? Easy… when came around, they made a new logo. If you see this logo on your steel, count the dots to know its manufacturing year.

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ForCase XX thought they could get rid of the dot code and move on to something new. They started the decade by printing out the year on their logo.

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Unfortunately, this did not go well with collectors. ByCase switched back to their dot scheme — this time with a long-tailed C and dots below the USA. They also got rid of the USA. The dots were the first to go, every year untila dot was removed. But there was one key difference aside from the slightly different font.

Case knives’ new date marking for the s

Like the de, the cases went first from But not quite the newest one around. Introducing, the logo: The latest logo no longer has a long-tail C, and it no longer has Xs either. There are 10 dots, all going to disappear one by one as the years go by. But what about their s? What do they mean? The first or letter tells you the material of the handle. But what do the other s mean?

Case XX is famous for their multi-tools. The second is there simply to tell you how datings blades the knife has. And so on and so forth. Finally, the remaining s are the pattern. Well, if the knive tells you how many blades you have, the pattern tells you exactly what blade you have.

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A2 steel is very tough and it's often referred to as a type of tool steel. It's a very good choice for knives because it has great edge retention and still it can be sharpened easily because it does Continue Reading.

S7 steel is the ideal combination of hardness and malleability that makes for a good knife.

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This allows you to determine the year a Case knife was made if it was made in or later.


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Case knives has a very long history tracing its roots back to